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About Us

S&D Horseback Riding's History And Horses

Sunshine and Daydreams
Horseback Riding

Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding

The core goal at Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding is the importance of safe and independent riding. We offer the truest trail-riding experience possible in Norco, California. While many other stables are offering nose-to-tail rides, which mean riding in a line with no instructions, every ride at Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding is guided by at least one of our experienced trail guides.

Experience is always taken into consideration. Riders are instructed on how to ride side-by-side while being completely in control of the direction and speed of their horse. All riders are asked to respect the skills of their fellow group-members, and ride at the pace of the weakest rider in the group. All rides are private or semi-private so you can receive individual attention and can spend time with your friends and family.

Our Horses

Arabians, American Quarter horses, thoroughbreds, Morgan horses, Andalusians, and Missouri Fox Trotters are some of the horses you will find when you visit Sunshine and Daydreams. Every horse has a different history from dressage to Western Pleasure. Although all the horses are used on the trails, they come from different backgrounds. We gather many horses on consignment, however most of the horses are donated in need of love and attention, or purchased from local auctions. Every horse received by Sunshine and Daydreams is given specific care by the staff to ensure that the horse improves in health and in training.

All of our horses used on the trails by riders are expected to be safe, sound, beginner quality trail horses. Each horse must meet strict criteria to be considered for use, and those that do not meet the criteria are ridden by our experienced instructors to ensure that they are trained correctly until they do meet criteria. This includes spook-resistance, obedience, gentleness, responsiveness, and soundness. With this training, it is our every intention that our horses move on to private sale and find their forever homes.

Standard Horses and Draft Horses - what's the difference?


A standard horse is a typical generic horse such as you would see in Western film. They are specifically bred for a comfortable ride, and are great for all riders, big and small.

Minimum age 7 years old – max weight 250 lbs for standard horse
Weight exception – if under 5’6 and between 250 and 275 pounds

a person riding a horse




A draft horse is a larger type of horse that generally used in the industry for heavy duty work such as plowing and pulling carriages. They are tall, muscular, and often have feathery feet.

Minimum age 14 years old – max weight 330 lbs for draft horse
Weight exception for draft – if over 6ft and up to 350lbs

a group of people aboard a horse drawn wagon ride with sunshine and daydreams horseback riding in norco, california